Resurrecting the Bouzingo: Umbrella project of the Revenants Archive, a communal attempt to research, interpret, and activate the early history of the avant-garde. Most concentrated database on avant-garde Romanticism available in English.

mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press: Micropress associated with Post-NeoAbsurdist, Neoist, Otherstream, Mail Art, post-Fluxus and other avant-garde communities. Its sub-imprint Revenant Editions is a sister project to the archive.

Internet Archive: Online archive that is the best bet for tracking down free texts of the books included here.

Ubuweb: Vast online archive of the 20th and 21st Century avant-garde and experimental communities.

PennSound: Huge archive of sound recordings of avant-garde and other cultural communities.

Atlas Press: One of the best sources for English translations of the late-19th and early 20th Century avant-gardes, including a number of people represented in this archive.

Dedalus Books: One of the best sources for English translations of late 19th Century avant-gardes, specialising in Decadence and Symbolism.

Freed From a  Parchment Jail--A Bibliographic History of the First-Generation Avant-Garde: Slideshow from a presentation on the Revenant Archive's holdings relating to the development of the Avant-Garde between 1825-1840, delivered to the Aldus Society, Columbus, Ohio, in April 2016.

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